Make Ben Franklin School Positive!

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a tiered systems approach to establishing the behavioral supports and social culture and needed for all students in a school to achieve social, emotional, and academic success.  We have been utilizing this system at Franklin School for about 5 years.

Universal/Tier 1:

  • PBIS is our school-wide system of support  to promote strategies for defining, teaching, and supporting appropriate student behaviors to create a positive school environment.
  • Students receive Bear Bucks for being responsible, respectful, and safe throughout the school year. When the building reaches a certain goal a school-wide celebration is earned.
  • Monthly lessons focus on a specific behavior (for example: walking quietly in the hallway, showing respect to others, etc.) and can be rewarded at an individual or classroom level.

Secondary/Tier 2:

  • If a child needs an extra level of support, they can be placed in a positive intervention support such as; check-in/check-out, social/academic instructional group, mentoring, etc.

Please contact Heather Bruch (hbruch@d41.org) or Kirk Samples (ksamples@d41.org) for any questions you have about PBIS.  You can also visit www.pbisillinois.org for more information.







Quiet in the hallways


Keep hands and feet to yourself


Go straight to destination


Stay single file to the right Walk


Use staircases appropriately






Play fairly


Include everyone


Use kind words

Dress for the weather


Line up promptly


Follow directions

Stay in your designated area


Keep hands and feet to yourself


Use equipment appropriately







Listen to the lunch supervisors


Keep your area clean

Be prepared


Follow Directions

Stay in your seat


Keep hands and feet to yourself


Eat your own food







Respect privacy of others


Use quiet voices

Be quick


Keep bathroom clean

Report safety concerns to an adult


Wash hands with soap








Help others


Use kinds words

Pick up garbage


Keep your items in your book bag


Keep non-school supplies at home

Sit in your seat


Be really quiet by railroad tracks


Keep your feet in your seat


Keep your hands and feet to yourselves











Listen to our teacher and classmates


Raise our hands before speaking


Work quietly


Keep hands and feet to ourselves

Use class materials, books and furniture appropriately


Wait for directions before working/follow directions


Put supplies and class materials back where they belong

Push in chairs


Use school supplies and furniture in the appropriate way



PBIS Update November 2015


-Reminder that the Shoe Drive continues now thru November 20th.  Please drop off your gently used shoes at the Main Office at Ben Franklin.


– PBIS introduced the first Bullying Lessons in the classroom. The students learned about STOP, WALK, and TALK. STOP – ask the person to stop in a firm voice. WALK – walk away if the person is not listening. TALK – go to an adult to get support. This will also be reviewed during Franklin Families.


– Franklin Families will meet on November 20th at 11:30. The lesson will be on Empathy by incorporating the game of Charades with the students.  The leading question will be “How would you feel if…..?”If time allows, students will share on what they are thankful for this time of year.


– The 4th grade PBIS helpers have created a video on Empathy. It will be shown in the lunchroom before Fall Break.