D41 District Council

D41 Council

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As your Hadley District 41 Council Delegate I will be “blasting” you with important information from the monthly council meetings. The District 41 Council is a group of PTA Presidents, District Board Members, our Superintendent, and leaders of PTA Committees meeting once a month to discuss and share important information and happenings in our schools, our community and our state legislature.

 Of importance this month: Learn about PEP.

What is PEP?

The Partnership for Educational Progress (PEP) is an educational foundation serving the public schools in the Glenbard area community school districts in DuPage County, IL. Founded in 1992, PEP was designed to be the cornerstone for a long-term partnership among community, business, and school organizations to provide ongoing supplemental financial resources for the public schools it serves. PEP is a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation.

PEP’s Mission
“Our mission is to promote excellence in the Glenbard community schools. We will achieve this by…Providing financial resources through a diverse funding base, in order to support programs that enhance student achievement and enrich learning opportunities.” – PEP Board

PEP: Celebrating 20 years of helping schools

Since 1992, 2.4 Million raised, 1.6 Million in grants, $88,000 in endowed funds for scholarships.

PEP has played a role in the following projects as well as many others: Grants to teachers for innovative projects, music, library and language support, Memorial Field turf and lights, Weight Training room, Supplies4Success, playground and school beautification projects…

To learn more about how PEP supports our Glenbard Community Schools or to support the fund, go to www.thepepfoundation.org

Enjoy your Holiday break!

Julie Kennebeck